Taking care of me…

(Sigh) A few days ago, kind of on a whim ...I decided to pack a few things & head to the beach for a few hours.  Y'all... The water. The smell of the beach. Seeing people walk on the beach. Run.  Seeing people do photo shoots & attempt to surf was so cool, man.  I... Continue Reading →


Author’s corner 

Hey, peeps! I've got to give a HUJUNGO shout out to this girl right here.  She's so many things. So many things.  Good things.  She's sweet. She's genuine. Kind hearted. Giving. Funny.  Understanding. A mom. Wife. Business woman. But most importantly ...a PRACTICAL believer of Jesus Christ!  Initially she contacted me for a birthday shoot... Continue Reading →

A lifetime….that’s all I need 

Hey, peeps! So I disappeared again. Don't judge me. Lol I got completely swapped with helping plan for my church's Acts 1:8 conference. It was so much fun & empowering!! But...it was a LOT. OF. WORK!  😩 Plus I came down with a sweet little sinus infection on the last day of the conference which... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st Birthday, Ainsley Camille! 

Happy 1st Birthday to my niece, Ainsley Camille! Goodness... This time last year we were preparing for your birth.  I remember your baby shower and everything it was so much fun! Baby girl, I made a video for you and everything. You were so loved...and still are before you got here! Anywho, enough of me... Continue Reading →

My “Why”…

Hey to all of my new blog followers, Facebook & Instagram! I know a lot of people & although I can be very talkative at times...I'm very observant.  Sometimes I see people delving off into things & it's clear that there is no passion. That it's just a hustle.  Photography is art. Photos should tell... Continue Reading →

The Smaller Shop

So...like...(flipping my hair) remember when I told you guys that I decided to merge my personal blog with my photo blog a few posts back?!  Well here is a by product of having merged the two. I've decided to share with you guys my revamped online boutique store: The Smaller Shop.  I love fashion but... Continue Reading →

Christian. Classic Man.

I'm stupid excited about this shoot, here! I reached out to him, we put our heads together, sent him a few photos of what I wanted to see...and BAM! This guy is stylish & a hairdresser. Straight wrecking the game with this suit & fashion ability! If you're in Mobile, AL ...go check him out!... Continue Reading →

Graduation Special!

Limited slots available! Prices are good today through May 12, 2017! Get your order rushed for FA-REEE (free 🙂 ) if you sign up for our Photo Club! This promo applies to ANY graduate: children & adults alike! //There is a $15 fee to book so book today to hold your slot!!// P.S. Head over... Continue Reading →

Oil & Water

Listen- When you begin to tap into your purpose the enemy will send distractions in the form of: exposing fake friends, insecurities  doubt, fear discouragement  When you start walking in your purpose he will present: copy cats and those that said they'd be there will perform their 'disappearing' act  Don't be discouraged. You've been anointed... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life Of A Christian

***Scroll all the way down to get to the link*** So, if you guys followed me on my other blog that I had at one point, on IG or Facebook you'd know that I wrote a short e-book a few months ago. To my new followers, oh...heyyy!! This book was birthed out of lots of tough... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Believe This!

    A lot of us say that we believe God but how can we say we do when our actions say otherwise? This is what the Word of God says: 26 FOR AS THE BODY WITHOUT THE SPIRIT IS DEAD, SO FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD ALSO. – JAMES 2:26 So…do you really believe? You... Continue Reading →

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