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Have i mentioned that I'm a clothing hoarder? I'll be loading some gently used clothing of mine as well as accessories, jewelry, and shoes to my online shop in the very near future!


Sexy Christians 

The above listed text is an excerpt from my book: (The Secret Life Of A Christian - on Amazon #linkinbio • • • If we're not careful we will have allowed the world 🌎 to have us feeling ashamed for the things that have happened to us. It matters not if those wounds were self-inflicted... Continue Reading →

Taking care of me…

(Sigh) A few days ago, kind of on a whim ...I decided to pack a few things & head to the beach for a few hours.  Y'all... The water. The smell of the beach. Seeing people walk on the beach. Run.  Seeing people do photo shoots & attempt to surf was so cool, man.  I... Continue Reading →

Author’s corner 

Hey, peeps! I've got to give a HUJUNGO shout out to this girl right here.  She's so many things. So many things.  Good things.  She's sweet. She's genuine. Kind hearted. Giving. Funny.  Understanding. A mom. Wife. Business woman. But most importantly ...a PRACTICAL believer of Jesus Christ!  Initially she contacted me for a birthday shoot... Continue Reading →

A lifetime….that’s all I need 

Hey, peeps! So I disappeared again. Don't judge me. Lol I got completely swapped with helping plan for my church's Acts 1:8 conference. It was so much fun & empowering!! was a LOT. OF. WORK!  😩 Plus I came down with a sweet little sinus infection on the last day of the conference which... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st Birthday, Ainsley Camille! 

Happy 1st Birthday to my niece, Ainsley Camille! Goodness... This time last year we were preparing for your birth.  I remember your baby shower and everything it was so much fun! Baby girl, I made a video for you and everything. You were so loved...and still are before you got here! Anywho, enough of me... Continue Reading →

My “Why”…

Hey to all of my new blog followers, Facebook & Instagram! I know a lot of people & although I can be very talkative at times...I'm very observant.  Sometimes I see people delving off into things & it's clear that there is no passion. That it's just a hustle.  Photography is art. Photos should tell... Continue Reading →

The Smaller Shop my hair) remember when I told you guys that I decided to merge my personal blog with my photo blog a few posts back?!  Well here is a by product of having merged the two. I've decided to share with you guys my revamped online boutique store: The Smaller Shop.  I love fashion but... Continue Reading →

Christian. Classic Man.

I'm stupid excited about this shoot, here! I reached out to him, we put our heads together, sent him a few photos of what I wanted to see...and BAM! This guy is stylish & a hairdresser. Straight wrecking the game with this suit & fashion ability! If you're in Mobile, AL ...go check him out!... Continue Reading →

Graduation Special!

Limited slots available! Prices are good today through May 12, 2017! Get your order rushed for FA-REEE (free 🙂 ) if you sign up for our Photo Club! This promo applies to ANY graduate: children & adults alike! //There is a $15 fee to book so book today to hold your slot!!// P.S. Head over... Continue Reading →

Oil & Water

Listen- When you begin to tap into your purpose the enemy will send distractions in the form of: exposing fake friends, insecurities  doubt, fear discouragement  When you start walking in your purpose he will present: copy cats and those that said they'd be there will perform their 'disappearing' act  Don't be discouraged. You've been anointed... Continue Reading →

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