My Story

As a child, growing up in a small family of 4 including my parents, not a lot of emphasis was placed on cherishing memories & sweet moments.

Realizing I’d be all grown up one day, with a ton of memories in my head I purposed to snap as many photos as possible during my teens.

I prided myself on having a photographic, visual memory because I purposed to remember everything.  This was something that I became so good at until friends & family alike would come to me asking for me to recount memories to them of those that we’d shared together.

By the time I was 23, I had lost both of my parents literally 9 months apart from each other. I had to grow up really fast.

It was hard.

There are days that go by that I still tend to mull over, over 12 years later,  wishing I’d captured those days…those moments with my parents…when they were still here.

I desperately wish that I could have those memories back. I desperately wish I wouldn’t have had to go through these last few years without them.


I’ve come to grips with the fact that I can’t create my own time machine and reach back to do what I should’ve done then which was:

Snapping pictures and having something to look back on, back then …for my now.

So this is how my passion for photography developed.

Now, I choose to capture the moment. In the moment. For others and for myself as well.

In doing so, I’ve embraced my truth; where I’ve been & where I am right now.

And no one can take that from me.



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