Millsap Legacy…

Ya’ll… you will never know how much these 3 people mean to me right here, especially the 4th person that is missing from the photo…

Bishop Bobby Millsap Jr. …

Temple of Jerusalem Ministries was the VERY first place…and the ONLY place that I have been able to call home (church-wise) since my parents passed in 2004 & 2005.

Up until 2008, I wandered for a while, longing to feel like I BELONGED somewhere. No where ever felt right until I placed my feet on the ground at TOJ.

Pastor Bobby never and I mean NEVER treated me like a stranger. He was always welcoming, even when I visited for MONTHS…ok, like …I think it was 4 months straight that I visited before I built the courage to become a member there.

IT was there that I actually lead praise & worship for the VERY first time….ever! And boy…. was I nervous. But Bishop coached me through it.

Thank you…

Man…the praise breaks we used to have were EPIC and some …even laughable. I made friends there. I belonged there. It was home.

The music was always on point. To sing in the choir or even be on the praise team was LIFE! Lol

We were & still are the one of the best choirs in the city! Nobodyyyyy could out direct, teach or sing pastor!! Ever.

And one thing you didn’t have to force pastor to do was praise the Lord. HE would sing you out of your seat. Songs would literally be sang by us for 5, 10, sometimes 15 minutes!! And if you didn’t have any endurance to do so…pastor would make you sing until you did!

I don’t regret it one bit but what I do wish is that he was still here!

He touched so many lives. So many hearts. Ministered to so many. Sang to & with so many. Made so many laugh. Made so many step their game up. Brought so many to Christ and knew EXACTLY how to usher the presence of the Lord in.

The day I got the call of his passing…threw me for a loop. I was getting ready for church and I just stood there.

It was unreal. And it just still feels…unreal. But ….

Bishop Bobby Millsap Jr., you left a great impression on all of us. You will live on in so many hearts. I cherish the memories from TOJ and desperately wish that this was all a dream & that we could all dance & sing with you one more time!

Pastor, I love you! And I will forever be your faithful member! You taught me so much.

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