Sexy Christians 

The above listed text is an excerpt from my book: (The Secret Life Of A Christian – on Amazon #linkinbio

If we’re not careful we will have allowed the world 🌎 to have us feeling ashamed for the things that have happened to us. It matters not if those wounds were self-inflicted or administered by others…each one has a ROOT & it needs to be plucked up. The world & even those in church(let’s be real 😐) will SHAME you, and treat you differently because of what they “know” or think they know. I’ve experienced this first hand & it opened my eyes to how much PEOPLE BONDAGE I was in & how people can really be. 

Each hardship pointed me back to Jesus & showed me that those that claim to know him …clearly misrepresented him. When we’re hurting we shouldn’t feel like we should have to hide it. There should be NO SHAME upon the altar.


So today, I pray that whatever is holding you hostage mentally(even their opinions) you lay it on the altar…however you deem necessary. It’s his will that we be made whole. Nothing missing. Nothing broken.


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