Taking care of me…


A few days ago, kind of on a whim …I decided to pack a few things & head to the beach for a few hours. 


The water. The smell of the beach. Seeing people walk on the beach. Run. 

Seeing people do photo shoots & attempt to surf was so cool, man. 

I live in Alabama & hadn’t been to the beach in almost 2 years. Sad, I know but it’s my fault. 😂

My hair got all messed up on the ride there but I didn’t care. 

I snapped pictures in random places that had been scouted out via google on that day. 

Even made a video. 

I felt free. Felt like a kid. Didn’t have a care in the world for hours. 

That day was special. I meant so much. 

All because I decided to take care of me. I forced myself to not get on my phone, text or call anyone. 

I just wanted to be there in that moment. And it was a good moment, that I’ll always cherish. 

Seeing that I have the tendency to take care of everything else but me…

I had been soooooo overwhelmed with behind the scenes stuff for church, work, playing catch up with my side hustles, on the phone, on social media, had been sick with a RIDICULOUSLY long sinus infection for a 1.5 weeks & had some serious lack of sleep for an ENTIRE month until I was just spent. Burned out. 

I had to get away. But moving forward I promise I won’t allow myself to get that overwhelmed again. 

So here are a few pics that I’m sharing. I won’t share them all or the videos bc it was just a special moment for me. Not everything needs to be shared. 😌

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Legit almost tumbled down the dune lol hence my expression
Jumping in the streets
I think I was skipping here
Running in the sand (sigh)
Right before we left (I was low key sad) lol
I just had to have a shot with the buildings in the background. Turned my ISO up to about 400 here in order to create that beachy/lifestyle look. I love my smile here. ❤️


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