Author’s corner 

Hey, peeps!

I’ve got to give a HUJUNGO shout out to this girl right here. 

She’s so many things. So many things. 

Good things. 

She’s sweet. She’s genuine. Kind hearted. Giving. Funny.  Understanding. A mom. Wife. Business woman. But most importantly …a PRACTICAL believer of Jesus Christ! 

Initially she contacted me for a birthday shoot but we had a slight change of plans & ended up needing to do a couple of portfolio headshots instead. 

We shot these in less than an hour. 🤗 and one thing I like is flowing heavily in the ministry of EASE. I don’t like anything that’s complicated!!

So the whole point of these headshots was for her to be able to have something for her readers to identify her for her blog posting that she’d be making for Dianna Hobbs’ EEW magazine! 

I was so excited about her sharing that with me. It meant a lot. 

Here’s the link to her blog post. It’ll definitely encourage your heart 😌.

Andddd below are a few of her shots from her session! 

Thanks for dropping by! 

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