Sexy Christians 

The above listed text is an excerpt from my book: (The Secret Life Of A Christian - on Amazon #linkinbio • • • If we're not careful we will have allowed the world 🌎 to have us feeling ashamed for the things that have happened to us. It matters not if those wounds were self-inflicted... Continue Reading →


Taking care of me…

(Sigh) A few days ago, kind of on a whim ...I decided to pack a few things & head to the beach for a few hours.  Y'all... The water. The smell of the beach. Seeing people walk on the beach. Run.  Seeing people do photo shoots & attempt to surf was so cool, man.  I... Continue Reading →

Author’s corner 

Hey, peeps! I've got to give a HUJUNGO shout out to this girl right here.  She's so many things. So many things.  Good things.  She's sweet. She's genuine. Kind hearted. Giving. Funny.  Understanding. A mom. Wife. Business woman. But most importantly ...a PRACTICAL believer of Jesus Christ!  Initially she contacted me for a birthday shoot... Continue Reading →

A lifetime….that’s all I need 

Hey, peeps! So I disappeared again. Don't judge me. Lol I got completely swapped with helping plan for my church's Acts 1:8 conference. It was so much fun & empowering!! was a LOT. OF. WORK!  😩 Plus I came down with a sweet little sinus infection on the last day of the conference which... Continue Reading →

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