Happy 1st Birthday, Ainsley Camille! 

Happy 1st Birthday to my niece, Ainsley Camille! Goodness…

This time last year we were preparing for your birth.  I remember your baby shower and everything it was so much fun!

Baby girl, I made a video for you and everything. You were so loved…and still are before you got here!

Anywho, enough of me being mushy. LOL I can’t help it…she is BABY #5 (stretches eyes).

So, I shot these pics last night (the ones below) AFTER praise team rehearsal…and that was legit 10 pm. I was one tired sister.

Her mom put together 2-3 outfits for her and this was one of them. She made this onesie that just THE cutest.

Ainsley, was stinkin’ wiggle worm! She was all over the place getting to everything and scooting & trying to walk.

Then her brother Jackson comes out to the back when it was clearly past his bedtime talking about “I’m scared.” Sir…stop your shenanigans and go to bed!

Ariel (the second oldest niece) was my little assistant. She blew up balloons & held up her little sign for me. That’s my sweetie pie! Love that girl.

Overall, for it to be a late night shoot, the session went well despite me having to go home AFTER rehearsal to get my camera.

But to see more of the photos, just scroll down!!

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