My “Why”…

Hey to all of my new blog followers, Facebook & Instagram!

I know a lot of people & although I can be very talkative at times…I’m very observant. 

Sometimes I see people delving off into things & it’s clear that there is no passion. That it’s just a hustle. 

Photography is art. Photos should tell a story. 

Art isn’t repetitive. Neither is creativity. Creatives should be innovative. Always getting better. Reinventing, if you will. 

I’ve been obsessed with photography since I was a little girl. 

But that obsession quickly became annoying to friends & I became more passionate about it. 

Some much so until I dropped $300+ on a Pentax ZX60 in 2003 because of it. Lol. (AND I still have it). 

Didn’t really use that camera because of “life” at the time. 

Those were sad times. (Click on “my story” on the home page to see what I mean). 

But that…inspite of the adversity…became my ‘why’. 

From there I purposed in my heart to give others what I failed to be able to, think about, or even consider giving myself. 

Memories are all we have sometimes. And you can’t make up for lost time. 

So I choose to be the one on the other side of the lens helping you create the best ones. 

Giving you what I wish I knew. What I wish I could get back…time. 

Hence the name: Candidly. Expressing. Memories. 

Time waits for no one. So as long as we have it, we should make the best of it. 


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