The Smaller Shop

So…like…(flipping my hair) remember when I told you guys that I decided to merge my personal blog with my photo blog a few posts back?! 

Well here is a by product of having merged the two. I’ve decided to share with you guys my revamped online boutique store: The Smaller Shop. 

I love fashion but more importantly SIMPLE fashion. I hate tugging on my clothes & adjusting a whole bunch of extra stuff. 

Because of my love for it, I decided to create a newer store for you guys centered around that. Initially, I wanted to do accessories only but I figure I’ll incorporate some items here & there. 

Here are a couple of items you can expect to see in store: 

Click the link at the bottom of this post to view our store! Sign up for our newsletter on site so you can be the first to know of new arrivals!


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