The Secret Life Of A Christian

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So, if you guys followed me on my other blog that I had at one point, on IG or Facebook you’d know that I wrote a short e-book a few months ago.

To my new followers, oh…heyyy!!

This book was birthed out of lots of tough seasons in my life. I mulled over writing a book to share my life but considered doing fiction at first but quickly changed my mind.


Because I realized, I can’t help anyone else the way I wish someone could have helped me when I was going through life’s many changes as “christian”.

In writing this book, I PURPOSELY exposed things about the church world that I was brought up in as well as exposing myself!

If we as believers are honest, masking the real you does more damage than good.

It’s my prayer that those of us who profess to believe in Jesus Christ, will come from behind our masks. All of them.

In doing so, we will defeat our enemy, weaknesses & draw others to Jesus simply by being real!

Anywho! The book is a quick read. You got about 4 chapters to swipe through.

I’ve gotten a quite a few reviews (especially verbal) from people telling me it wasn’t long enough & that I left them ‘wanting’ more!


Stay tuned. Stay tuned.


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Here is the link to go download your copy today:


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