My Vintage Birthday Shoot

Birthday shoot (57)Lord-t! Where do I begin?! Myself & Shaketa sat down and put our heads together on this shoot!

We wanted to wait until our birthday’s before releasing them. You see, we discovered last year that we were both LEFT handed and our birthday’s were 4 days apart.

Hers on the 3rd and mine on March 7th!

We asked some of our sisters and our sister-friends to come out and partake in a photo turn up on Super Bowl Sunday. It was so much fun!

We ended up with over 100 pictures after my edits.

But this is the kicker….we only wanted to do it for ourselves and THEN share it with social media. And oh boy…..when we did, we basically broke Facebook & Instagram! Over 1,000 likes on both of our posts together.


I’m so grateful for people like Shaketa that love having good, clean classy fun!

Part 2 to come soon….

Birthday shoot (80)Birthday shoot (74)Birthday shoot (15)DSC_0857ADSC_0237

This was only a smidge of the hilarity that went on that day between us! There is PLENTY more where that came from!

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