Mommy NP

Geez! It’s been a long time…ok maybe not THAT long of a time since I blogged.

I’ve been SUPER swamped with new clients and work. And I must say…I’ve enjoyed every. single. bit.

Where I am right now…I owe every drop of it to God! He’s been so good to me. He’s been so faithful. He keeps blessing me over and over again. No, I’m not worthy of it but this girl right here certainly appreciates it!

How-be-ever, I came on today to drop a few lines and to share one of many recent sessions.

Below, you’ll see photos of my friend, Jamira. She’s preggers with her first #Bebe. And it’s a girl! If you scroll back through my previous posts you’ll see her #gender reveal shower!

In addition to ALLLLL of that she is graduating from college the 3rd time but this time with her degree in Nurse Practioning! Yay Miwa! lol

This session was tons of fun! Drop a line below to let me know if you love these shots just as much as I do!





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