A Day In The Park

     box          On September 10th, 2016 … as I was waiting on my client to arrive for her session, I spotted these people.

From what it looks like they were training. I thought it was so cool to see this in our historic area on a Saturday!

I thought it would be even cooler to capture them in the “moment”, so I walked over & asked if I could snap some candid’s of them; to which they agreed.

These were some friendly people! I’m glad they let me capture them in their element.

This particular guy is a professional boxer from what I understand. It’s refreshing to see people in our local community sowing the good info that they know and training that they have into others lives…so they can be great too…just like them!

Below are a few shots that I snapped. Here is his Facebook page. Head over there to find out how to get in touch with him, if you’re in the Mobile, AL area!







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