Fall Makeup Routine

Hey ya'll! I'm back and this time I have a brand new video up for my YouTube Channel. Click on video to watch:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIkxx_ricvc


Mrs. Adams

Sheesh!   This day right here was a FULL day. And I mean...   Full ... Honestly, I don't even know how I made it through the day  lol I had a 10:30 am photo shoot and got lost IN the city... smh Then I had this particular bridal shower (event) to shoot at 4pm... Continue Reading →

Millsap Legacy…

Ya'll... you will never know how much these 3 people mean to me right here, especially the 4th person that is missing from the photo... Bishop Bobby Millsap Jr. ... Temple of Jerusalem Ministries was the VERY first place...and the ONLY place that I have been able to call home (church-wise) since my parents passed... Continue Reading →


Yay! She's married now. I'll only share one little sweet shot of the wedding itself out of courtesy for the bride. Not that she asked me to but I have chosen to do so myself. I simply chose the entry picture of these two love birds into their reception. I LIVE for a candid shot!!!... Continue Reading →

Young. Dope. And Saved.

Man, where do I start?! I've known of these kids wayyyyy before they decided to become teenagers! Lol It's just too mur-ch! Listen, the way they can sing is unreal! Their harmony is so sick until it makes me DIZZY, you hear?! Chile.... let me tell you. From the youngest to the oldest these chi-ren... Continue Reading →

Only a few items left!

So, I am soooo totally excited to announce that I only have just a FEW items left from the "shop my closet" section of my shop, The Smaller Shop!   Click here to see what's left and keep checking back to see when I upload my next purge! Until then, Don't forget to follow me... Continue Reading →

Sexy Christians 

The above listed text is an excerpt from my book: (The Secret Life Of A Christian - on Amazon #linkinbio • • • If we're not careful we will have allowed the world 🌎 to have us feeling ashamed for the things that have happened to us. It matters not if those wounds were self-inflicted... Continue Reading →

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